Karate for Children

So you want your child to become more confident? Be more focused at school?

Learn to be self-disciplined?

You’ll find all the answers you’re looking for and more at Adrenaline Martial Arts!

Our dedicated team of professional, enthusiastic and motivated instructors will guide your child on their martial arts journey and help them set, and more importantly, achieve their goals along the way!

Through a unique combination of physical and life skills training we are able to develop outstanding martial arts technique in our students and help them achieve success in all their endeavours in and out of the martial arts.

Our exciting curriculum will give your child the confidence they need to handle life head on!

Our age appropriate training for children from 4 years, focuses on building a strong foundation in the martial arts that acts as a base for our character development programme, which teaches children the values of respect, courtesy and self-discipline.

Your child will gain confidence, learn to pay attention and follow directions, improve their fine motor skills and gain a positive “I can do it” attitude.

We teach our students how perseverance leads to success in martial arts, at school and in life!

We are currently offering a free trial of our classes at any Adrenaline Martial Arts location across the region!

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